Pyrotechnic Displays

Traditional, innovative or pyromusical pyrotechnic displays The planning and execution of stunning and inspirational fireworks displays for big and small events and any other festivity.
Pyrotechnic Displays

Classic displays, with large and majestic fireworks launched from one or more locations and performed with the highest quality effects and materials.


Brand new fireworks displays with striking effects, launched from multiple locations. What really stand out are our surprise launches: multi-directional shots from various locations that are sequential or rhythmic alongside selected materials with original effects.


The most spectacular pyrotechnic performance: music accompanies the rhythm and choreography of the fireworks. These are our two most stunning displays.


Innovative displays with spectacular aerial effects are executed during the day with new visual effects using coloured smoke.

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We can perform any kind of display on floating platforms using aerial effects on water. Any of the displays mentioned above can also be executed on water.


We perform unique fireworks displays for weddings

using special choreographies. We can create your dream wedding with a sentimental fireworks display that will embellish your special day with a colourful array of spectacular and unique effects!

Each couple chooses their own colours, effects and display duration … we specialise in the study of fireworks displays, not only based on musical synchrony, but on the perfect combination of colours and effects which make every performance truly unique. Each fireworks display is customised according to the music chosen by the bride and groom, their preferred effects and the wedding theme.


Prices vary according to the density of fireworks per minute, the wide range of pyrotechnic effects, the size of the fireworks, the number of firing locations and, of course, the overall duration of the show.

To perform a display, it is first necessary to view the potential location, in order to assess what effects can be used and the necessary security measures. The inspection and estimate are free of charge; after the agreement, we take care of all the authorisations related to to the execution of the fireworks display.