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Fireworks are a type of explosive made of gunpowder and other chemical elements which, on explosion, generate colourful light and sound effects. A specific law decree defines the discipline aimed at implementing the free movement of pyrotechnic

material, ensuring that it meets the requirements of law and order, public safety and the protection of the environment.

Yes, it is possible to execute any kind of pyrotechnic display on floating platforms.

No, almost all fireworks are of F2 category and have been liberalised.

CE classified fireworks may be freely purchased, transported and stored in quantities not exceeding 25 kg (gross) in respect of F2 (VC) and 5 kg (net) in respect of F2 (VD) pursuant to Article 97(2) of the Consolidated Act of Public Safety Laws Regulation. They may be used freely as long as this takes place far away from inhabited areas, away from public roads not directed at public roads.

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