As fireworks are composed of explosive mixtures, they are, by nature, very dangerous; their detention, transport and use are subject to police authorisation. Although the explosives we use are some of the least disruptive, their chemical and physical characteristics make them the most dangerous of all, as they can ignite easily. They must therefore always be handled with great care.

Our experience and knowledge of the substances used in the fireworks and how they react under certain conditions allows us to work in such a way as to prevent any accidents. We always work with general care and attention, scrupulously choosing the most suitable material for each circumstance to ensure maximum public and environmental safety.

Adequate insurance cover for damage to property and personal injury allows us to guarantee an additional safety margin for our clients and spectators at all times. We work alongside trained forest fire-fighting teams with approved vehicles and authorised personnel.

The setting up and implementation of a fireworks display may be subject to a police licence as per art. 57 of the Consolidated Act of Public Safety Laws, issued by the local Police Authority for the area where they display is being held (Quaestor, Local Police Authority Head Commissioner or, if absent, the Mayor).

The transport of the material used for the display may also be subject to a Police License, as per Art. 47 of the Consolidated Act of Public Safety Laws. For smaller displays, with a quantity of pyrotechnic material of less than or equal to 25 kg (gross), the materials are transported without this license, using a suitable EX/II vehicle according to ADR standards, to ensure maximum safety of road users at all times.

The conferment of materials used for our displays involves the autonomous safety management during the set-up of pyrotechnic displays authorised under Art. 57 of the Consolidated Act of Public Safety Laws or:

  • authorisation from the Local Police Authority;
  • firing area property authorisation:
  • request for Penal Code issuance order. Competent district coastguard (in the areas concerned);
  • italian Civil Aviation Authority communication and request for Notam issuance;
  • comunicazione e richiesta emissione Notam ENAC;
  • regional authorisation in derogation of art. 63 of Forestry Regulations (in specific seasonal periods);
  • authorisation from the Prefectural Government for the transport of explosives.

Please Note
For all necessary authorisations, please contact us at least 30 days before the date of the show.

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